Thursday, 18 August 2011

Get On The Quant Wavelength (PART 2)


Karate-cut belted beach-coat in towelling, McManus, 8½ gns. Twiggy wears a Roomy zippered up smock-coat, Daiquiri, 9½, gns. Slip-over sloppy-top, Wham, 5 gns. ; teamed with wide-flaring pants banded in white, Bam, £5 19s. 6d.

Left: Arm-banded, blouson doublet dress in Velour, Humbug, 11 gns.  Right: Halter-hung clingy  cut away dress, Kinkajou, 9½ gns

Cream and boy-blue gaberdine, school-girl katie dress, Tosher, 8 gns. Collarless button-through shirt jacket, Claudius, 5 gns. over slim jim pants, No Nonsense, 99s. 6d. Zippered track-suit top, armbanded, Surprise Packet, 7½ gns. shortie -short culotte skirt, Short Circuit 59s.69d.       

Butcher-blue stitched in white, rain-tenting by Mary Quant for Alligator, 9 gns. Twiggy wears Co-ordinated blue/white stripes in brushed denim butler waistcoat, Jeeves, 4gns. team-up with skirt, Winnie, 79s. 6d. and white tricel shirt with wider-than-wide tie, Wilfred, 5 gns. Button-up coat to match, 11½ gns. All by Mary Quant for The Ginger Group
                                                                   PHOTO CREDITS
                                                All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Honey Magazine.

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