Sunday, 28 October 2012

Vintage Advert: Manfield Shoes 1966

                                                                      What's New?
See-through shoes! Open to flattery in the prettiest pastel shades of suede. And only 52/11 a pair! Also in black leather and brown suede. Wouldn't you know they're from Manfield-The fashion shoe shop.

                                                               PHOTO CREDITS 
                                   Image scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE magazine April 1966

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Nostalgia by the Seaside: Atlantic City 1968

                                    Romantic Fashions in Atlantic City

Atlantic City, that granddaddy of all shore resorts, is a place of warmth and whimsy, of sun-bleached boardwalks and grand if slightly tatty architecture, where a hotel may take the shape of an elephant, and the ghosts of vacationers past - Diamond Jim Brady was one - stalk the verandas. Atlantic City is also the natural setting for this season's nostalgic fashions. Updatings by designers, ranging from Elder master Norman Norell to the off-beat young, recall a time when every lady bore a parasol. And though unabashedly romantic, the styles are fresh as the salt beeeze, saved from being saccharine by a sense of simplicity and, ocasionally, humor.

Baring a lot of modern back is a frilly play outfit ($25) by Jeannemarie Volk. The top, which is derived from a pinafore, ties over a pair of bikini pants. A don't go near the water suit, it is in spirit and intent a complete contrast to the classic maillot.

Perched on the penthouse balcony of the Shelburne Hotel above the boardwalk, model wears an organdy outfit ($125) by Adolfo, who also made her hat and belt.

Behind the linen dress above ($495 from John Moore) stands a two-storey high elephant, once a honeymoon hotel.

Girls holding parasol-like umbrellas are wearing matching striped raincoats ($250) by Donald Brooks. Water resistant curls are wigs made of Dynel by Reid Meredith ($26).

                     Bikini cover - up copied from 1910 motoring duster is by Gayle Kirkpatrick ($159).

                            Straw-hatted girl in a vest-topped midi dress, from Geoffrey Beene ($190).

Midi-length dress with a look of old thrift-shop authenticity comes from the New York shop, Etcetera ($69).

  Juggler stands in front of Steel Pier's mystery ride and wears fancy sleeved mini, Betsey Johnson ($34).

Romper-suited model wields life-size blow-ups of Atlantic City's first paid lifeguards, who took up their posts in 1892. The play suit (Doodles, $18) is modest but it shows a lot more skin than these two ever saw. (Until 1907 ladies had to wear stockings on the beach).

On the roof of the Steel Pier, ruffled lace dress by Kasper-Joan Leslie ($150) is worn with a flower-laden hat from Emme.

                                                            PHOTO CREDITS
     All images scanned by Sweet Jane from LIFE Magazine May 1968, photographed by Richard Davis.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Vintage 60s Fashion Advert:D.H. EVANS Oxford Street

                        The fashion-wise store
Five floors of fashion-wise shopping-everything a woman could ask for - for herself and her family; fashions, accessories, fabrics, top-to-toe grooming in our Hairdressing and Beauty salon. The fully licensed Restaurant serves the entire menu of delicious dishes all day from 10 a.m. Interpreters and currency exchange facilities available - all this in a day's shopping!
                                        D.H. EVANS & CO. LTD 318 OXFORD STREET, W.1. TEL: 01-629 8800

                                                                PHOTO CREDITS              
(Image scanned by Sweet Jane from the Mary Evans Picture Library courtesy of City of Westminster Oxford St W.1. Guide booklet).

Friday, 19 October 2012

Pop Art Interior 1969


                                                             PHOTO  CREDITS
  Image scanned by Sweet Jane from All American 60s Ads published by Taschen-Marlite Paneling 1969.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Vintage 60s Advert: Fashion Flare-Up 1969 (Part 3)


                                                                  PHOTO CREDITS

                                (Image scanned by Sweet Jane from Playboy Magazine May 1969)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Vintage Advert: Manfield Shoes 1967

                                                                    PHOTO CREDIT

                                   (Image scanned by Sweet Jane from Rave Magazine April 1967.)
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